Enrolment For Students With a Disability

Enrolment Booklet Download

To be accepted into Eastern Goldfields Education Support centre, parents/carers must be able to provide documentation of Diagnosed Disabilities. Once you complete the Enrolment Booklet, you will be contacted by the Principal with your acceptance outcome. If you have been accepted, the school will arrange a meeting with the Principal. Completing this enrolment pack does not mean your child has been accepted.

Education support facilities may offer enrolment to students in the following diagnostic disability categories:

  • Students with an Intellectual Disability or Global Development Delay and who are eligible for an Individual Disability Allocation under this category.

  • Students with eligibility for an Individual Disability Allocation for Autism Spectrum Disorder and a demonstrated high educational need. 

Student Health Care

The Department’s Student Health Care Policy clarifies the action to be undertaken by public schools to manage students’ health care needs. All students require an UP TO DATE Student Health Care Summary which is available from the school. For students identified as having health conditions that require support at the school, additional forms will be provided by the school.


In most cases, transporting your child to school is the parent’s responsibility. Enquiries regarding school bus services should be directed to 08 9326 2625. Brochure attached.


All information provided on this form will be treated confidentially (242 of the School Education Act 1999). The Department of Education will provide a report about enrolled children whose immunisation status is ‘not up to date’ to the Department of Health when requested. The Department of Health will provide assistance to the families of undervaccinated children. Children whose immunisation status is ‘not up to date’ may be required to stay away from school if an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease occurs.

Consent Forms

The following forms are attached for parents to consider and sign if in agreement:

Media and Excursion Consent

Student Internet Acceptable Use Consent

Travel Between Middle and Senior Site Consent

Mobile Phone Agreement