School Profile

School Population

52 Students

7 Teachers

13 Education Assistants

Administration Staff

Principal Daniel McNaughton
Deputy Principal Corrine Taurima
Manager Corporate Services     Janekke Higgins
Corporate Service Officer

Jessica Thompson


Eastern Goldfields Education Support Centre (EGESC) is a distinctive school providing quality education for students with disabilities and high educational needs from years seven to thirteen. Our school has a proud tradition of providing educational programs to students with special needs, originating from the Lorna Mitchell School which was established in 1947.  

EG ESC is located in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and operates across two sites, shared with Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School and Eastern Goldfields College. This arrangement enables our students to participate in a variety of subjects with their peers in the mainstream school, and allows senior students the opportunity to apply their growing independence to navigate the senior campus and access facilities in the city centre. 

We aspire to meet the needs of all students, providing them with the support and skills required to contribute to society. We ensure that students have access to current assistive and other technologies to support their learning. Our aim is for students to develop their literacy, numeracy and social skills to allow them the highest possible level of independence.

By working collaboratively with colleagues, families and other agencies, and by accessing professional learning and support, our staff members are empowered to enhance student achievement.